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Your time is limited. I build simple, powerful tools so developers can deliver results faster. I also architect and build efficient software solutions for clients.


My name is Jeremy Warner. I'm a full-stack developer with DevOps experience. While my technical focus is on the Microsoft stack, using Vue.js, C#, and Azure, I've worked in a broad array of environments. I have experience in every aspect of the software lifecycle, from mvp product creation and building scalable system architecture, through maintenance, development, and DevOps support of legacy systems.


I build simple, powerful tools to accelerate the development process for my clients. Where possible, I make tools available for use by other developers. My focus is enabling development to move quickly without forcing design decisions, enabling a more agile process. Get started fast, without the lock-in.

(public tools coming soon)


I have a decade of experience building software solutions to complex business problems. I've delivered results within huge teams and as the sole developer. I'm comfortable working alongside other developers, or directly with business process owners.

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I also build consumer-facing software. Feel free to explore other things I've done.